Why Virtual Consults

Why Virtual Consults

These are my top 5 compelling reasons why I believe now is the time to scale with virtual.

Reasons to Scale with Virtual

  1. Maximize your off hours (make money while you play)

Imagine walking into your office on a Monday after spending the weekend on the beach. You look at your schedule and you notice there are five new clients who were not there when you left last week. That is because while you were off hanging out with your friends, sipping on something cool next to the waves, not having a single thought about your business, you had a Virtual Client Acquisition Specialist holding consults, closing deals and collecting money for you.

Virtual business systems are not tied to office hours. You can leverage evenings, weekends, and even lunch breaks when you use virtual processes because a remote sales staff has increased availability. As a business owner, the goal is to make money while you sleep, and having automated systems and a virtual team can help you do just that. You will be able to draw in a clientele that is interested in the convenience of working with you at times that work for them — evenings and weekends.

  1. Maximize your schedule

Adding a virtual component to your business helps maximize the time you have. As you go online with your intake processes, sales quotes, and any other interactions that don’t require you to be in-person, you free yourself up to do what you do best. Technology can automate the housekeeping tasks and give you your time back. This allows you to have less “chair” time and costs. Most practices report back that the consultation time reduces by an average of 50% with virtual.

Imagine being able to add one or more columns to your schedule. The ability to have a remote consultant hold virtual appointments that can run simultaneously with your “live” appointments multiples you. You can essentially double, triple or quadruple the productivity of your office.

Warning! It’s important to note that you may not be ready for the onslaught of new patients. You might not have the chairs available or the appropriate number of team members to be able to handle the increased volume. However, if you pace yourself, you can grow at 5-10 times the pace you have been used to.

  1. Offer a unique, valuable service (Competitive advantage)

Diversifying your business capabilities to include virtual gives potential clients more options. It allows people to choose to work with you remotely or in person, and for many of the rising generation, remote is the better option. Allowing for virtual sales means you value the client’s time, you value their convenience, and you are willing to give them more options. It’s also a differentiator in your area when it comes to competition. Above all else, people value time and convenience. If you can give those things to a patient who is deciding between you and the “other guy”, you will win more often than not. When you offer the amazing benefits of virtual exams to a potential client and position it as a luxury service to them, you will have no competition to the right client.

  1. Flexibility of a remote sales team

When you open the door for remote sales opportunities, your hiring pool for your sales team is limitless. You are no longer confined to a team that works within commuting distance from you; instead you can recruit talent from almost anywhere.

Remember that one treatment coordinator or sales person who you really liked? You trained him or her so well and they were a huge asset to your team? Then one day they came in and said their spouse was transferred and they had to move across the country? Remember how bummed you were?

Now you have the ability to keep them on your team remotely with a few simple adjustments. Because of the virtual opportunities available to you, you have options.

When a valuable team member decides to move to another community or stay home with the kids, you no longer have to cut ties and recruit and train someone new. You can keep the amazing talent you have, regardless of where they choose to live.

  1. Charge people to come in live

Many industries have adopted the model that office time for consultations is offered for free. As more and more businesses convert to a virtual model, office time will become more valuable. As a business, you can offer virtual consultations to your clients, or, if they choose to be in-person, you can charge a fee for that valuable office time. Different people are going to be drawn to both virtual and in-person interactions, and many will pay you for the opportunity to meet face-to-face.