He’s not your “typical” consultant.

Dino believes and treats every company as an individual. He has no ego on how you find your success, because it’s not about him. Giving you the same method that worked in office “A” without accounting for the nuances of each office is not effective. There is no need for “exclusivity” or “non-disclosures” because he believes in the law of abundance, not scarcity.

He’s not cookie cutter; he customizes.

Ever hear of a rock band that says the wrong name of the city in the middle of the concert? It’s because the set list is the same, only the audience changes. That is not how Dino works. From his self deprecating humor, to his physicality and his dancing on stage, Dino is one of a kind. His stories will make you laugh (and possibly cry).

He uses proven methods

Dino knows how to help people remember the message. He uses study and science backed methods to help your audience understand, retain and use the information he is presenting. His coaching, training and speeches are customized to your needs, goals and audience.

He’s focused on Edu-tainment

Research shows that you are 31% more intelligent in a positive environment. Dino takes that to heart. Combining both fun and poignant moments with easy to follow frameworks your team will not want the learning to end.

Multi-Industry Collaborator of ideas

When not training or coaching, Dino spends his time learning the best practices from a variety of industries in order to gleen the best practices and translate them to yours.

Connects with your team

The fastest way to get your team members to uplevel their game in your business is to help them uplevel their life outside of your business. Dino is a master at helping the audience know he is on their side and what he shows them will elevate all areas of their life.

Understands you

As an entrepreneur for over 20 years, Dino understands what it’s like to ride the business owner roller coaster of emotions. He’s had to learn the hard way the skills he is sharing. As an active member of multiple masterminds, student of business programs and a coaching student himself, he will not ask you to do anything he is not willing to do himself.

He’s Original

His uniqueness of his name is fitting for who he is. You simply will not find another like him when it comes to the way he sees your business and how you can grow both personally and professionally.

Easy to work with

“No Drama” is one of Dino’s core values. His “why” in life is to contribute to a greater cause and when he is working with you and your team, that is his greatest cause. His goal is to be personally low maintenance while delivering a high-performance experience.

Gets everyone involved

100% enrollment into the experience is Dino’s priority and he has a variety of ways to do so. Even for the team members who like to “laugh on the inside”, Dino has created a method to get everyone involved at some level. His events and training are never passive, always active.

“Dino Watt reframed my entire vision and definition of success. His training brought opportunities for growth that have changed my life.”

J Stark
VP Operations, Renatus

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