Dino Watt

My why in life is to contribute to a greater cause. How I do that is by helping business owners take their companies from the weeds of the middle ground to massive sustainable growth by teaching them how to own their role as the leaders of their businesses and reengage their employees by creating invested buy-in through a shared vision and healthier workplace culture.

I have been lucky enough to work in companies such as Disney, Nordstrom, Universal Studios as well as building an entertainment business in California. It’s through those experiences that I have learned, first hand, the skills of leadership, influence and out of the box thinking when it comes to business success.

My parents divorce when I was eight made me first curious, and then later passionate about understanding how to improve relationships. I wanted to know how to communicate and connect better with people. I knew that it was the secret to success in all areas of my life.

While mentoring a client through my groundbreaking program, The Business of Marriage, I was asked if I had any programs that would help him strengthen the relationships in his team members in his practice? From that simple conversation my office coaching program began and I have been blessed to spend the last decade sharing what I know and making an impact with my clients and their teams.

I was born and raised in southern California. My wife Shannon and I met there when we were 5 (I know!) and have We have been married since 1994.
We now live in Salt Lake City with our three kids.

“It’s really hard for me to look back and think of what my practice was like, what I was like, what my team was like, (actually what the “staff” was like) back then. I just want to thank you.”

Dr. Dave Datwyler, DDS

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