When it comes to continual growth, continuous learning is where it’s at!

When it comes to continual growth, continuous learning is where it’s at!

I hope you’ve been having an amazing week so far and you are getting all ready to enjoy a fabulous weekend. I certainly am!

As I’ve been speaking at some events recently, it occurred to me that many of you are invested in your education and are attending different events and seminars. I want to take a second to applaud you for your efforts to really expand your knowledge of your industry. If you have ever been in one of my programs or read any of my books, you’ll know I am a big believer in continuous learning.

But today I want to talk to you about the benefits of branching out from your industry and looking at what some of the other industries are doing. As you are planning out your year and which events you are going to attend, I want to encourage you to see what else may be out there. You may be in the Ortho industry but perhaps the small business/entrepreneur industry could teach you something about closing sales or marketing. Maybe a high-performance leader event or a personal development event could give you the refreshing boost you need to bring in a breath of fresh air to the office.

I know it is easy to attend the events of the products or software that you already use or the events that the various associations you are part of put on. But a really powerful way to see how you can improve your business practices is by seeing what other industries are doing. Sometimes it is hard to think outside the box when everything you do and everyone you meet is so happy inside the industry box. Attending a different kind of event than what you usually do will help you see what you don’t already see. You get a different perspective at these events.

Let me share a personal experience with you. For a long time, I was really focused on the personal development side of things. But as I went to business-specific events, I found that the way they look at their business and the approach they take gave me so many ideas on how to apply those things to my business. And in so doing, my business flourished even more.

So thinking about your business, try and find areas where you can stretch yourself outside of your industry and see some new practices that you can assimilate into your business.

Here are a few examples to help you get started:

  • Maybe you want to learn to have a better relationship with money. Check out the Millionaire Mind Intensive
  • If you want to learn to schedule better, have a better flow throughout your day, be better at time management. Michael Hyatt has some great online courses.
  • If you want to improve your performance in any area of your life, I highly recommend Brendon Burchard’s Success Live event. (I’ve been three times already. This would be an awesome incentive program for your team members who reach milestones/goals you set.)
  • These are on a national scale but there may be others that are close by that you could benefit from. Try checking out EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization). They have chapters everywhere. Or check out your area’s business networking events.

There are so many opportunities for you out there. These are just some examples that I pulled from the top of my head. Take some time and do a little research to see what appeals to you. And don’t forget, you are a complete person. Don’t limit yourself to just business-focused events. Check out some personal development events as well.

I hope that this has helped you see some of the exciting possibilities that await you.

Proactive, Productive and Profitable,

Dino Watt