The Authority Advantage: White Coats, Expert Introductions, and More!

The Authority Advantage: White Coats, Expert Introductions, and More!

Welcome back to “The Influence to Income Advantage” series! Today, we’re diving into the third principle of influence: authority, an essential component in our journey towards influential greatness.

Now, let me ask you a thought-provoking question: Who do you turn to for advice when making important decisions? I bet it’s not some random Joe Schmo from down the street. No, it’s someone who possesses the magical aura of authority, an expert who commands your respect and admiration. And guess what? Your clients feel the same way too!

Establishing your authority before attempting to influence others is paramount, my friend. It’s like having a backstage pass to the concert of influence, allowing you to wield your persuasive prowess with unrivaled impact. When you embody the role of a credible and knowledgeable expert, people naturally gravitate towards you, eagerly awaiting your guidance.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Dino- I already have my degrees and certificates hanging on the walls in my office.” Well, to that I say Awesome! That’s a great start. But today I want to challenge you to do more. I challenge you to be more creative in establishing your authority.

“How do I establish myself as an authority without tooting my own horn?”, you ask. Well, fear not, because science has got your back. Turns out, you don’t need to brag about your brilliance; you can let someone else do it for you!

Take a cue from real estate agents who arranged for their reception staff to introduce their colleagues with impressive credentials. By simply having their receptionist include a brief introduction including credentials before transferring potential clients, the firm saw a whopping 20% rise in appointments and a cool 15% increase in signed contracts! “I am going to have you speak to Peter our head of sales. He has over 20 years experience selling properties”. Guess what? It cost them nothing to add this little bit of authority to the customers. Talk about an expert introduction making all the difference!

Now, let’s talk for a minute about the white coat theory. We’ve been conditioned since childhood to associate authority with someone wearing a coat. Think about those folks at the Clinique counter—they may not have degrees in dermatology, but their white lab coats give off an air of authority. If your TC is feeling a lack of authority, a white shirt or a white lab coat might just do the trick. You’ll notice fewer questions directed to the doctor and more to the TC.!

Think I’m exaggerating? Well let me introduce you to a client of mine- Jason West. Jason is a fourth-generation chiropractor, who decided to test the white coat theory. He was taught by his father to always wear a white coat. However, Jason was constantly being told by his colleagues that the white coat was not necessary. For a month, he ditched his lab coat and went for a more relaxed attire. And guess what? His patients started pushing back on his supplement and treatment suggestions. When he looked at the numbers, the revenue he lost over that month equated to a loss of $1M, spread out over 12 months. 

Now to his chiropractic buddies who say, “Dude, just wear Birkenstocks,” Jason’s got a million-dollar response. Nothing will make him part ways with his white lab coat. As humans, we’re wired to believe those who look like they know what they’re talking about—and a white coat screams expertise!

So, my fellow Influencers, remember the power of authority. Find ways to showcase your expertise and let others do the talking for you. Whether it’s an expert introduction or a crisp white coat, embrace your authority and watch your influence soar!

Next week we will explore the principle of consistency, uncovering how aligning our actions with our commitments can be a game-changer in the art of influence.