Overlooked sales tools that you already have that can shift a sale

Overlooked sales tools that you already have that can shift a sale

Today I want to talk about 3 overlooked sales tools which can shift a sale right into the YES category.

These are tools are things that you already have, but are probably overlooking. I don’t see them used nearly often enough in business, so it’s time to pull these tools off the shelf, dust them off and start using them to close more sales.

SALES TOOL #1: Your Story

The first tool that is often underestimated and incredibly underutilized in the sales process is your personal story. What is your story around this product or service? What is your client’s story? No matter your industry, you have a story you can tell. If you are in the travel industry, then tell the story about your favorite personal vacation story. In real estate? Talk about your first home or the disaster home you bought. Design computers? Tell them about how little you knew until your product came along. Sell Lasik eye surgery? Talk about how your spouse’s life has been transformed by the ability to see again. Whatever the industry, the power of a story applies across any industry. Remember, stories connect us.

SALES TOOL #2: What do they want?

This question is the most powerful question you can ask anyone, including yourself. What do you want? Getting to the true desire that is motivating your client is essential if you want to close the deal. You want to find out what your client loves. You want to find out what your client dislikes. You want to be able to pinpoint the reasons why that client is seeking you out. When you allow people to talk about what they want, they will sell themselves on your product.

SALES TOOL #3: Assume the sale. The. Entire. Time.

If you have a client asking for your time, you should assume that they are going to close with you. The expectation is that they are going to buy the product, enroll in the course or purchase the training. As a salesperson, you’ve got to have the mindset that things are always moving forward. Too often we get on autopilot and go through the mental presentation checkpoints in our head. “Ok, I got through the welcoming part, now on to the next part.”

To your sales success!