Motivation for team

Motivation for team

I hope your week has been awesome and that you have a fun weekend planned. Today I wanted to talk about something that I did


There is a book by Gretchen Rubin called “The Four Tendencies”. It’s a great book that I want you to read. As a companion to the book, Gretchen has created a quiz that will help you and your team members identify which “Tendency” you are (Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel). You can go ahead and take the quiz now, while you are waiting for your book to come.


So, what is a Tendency, you ask? Well, simply put, a Tendency is a type of personality. Tendencies explain why we act and why we don’t act. Why is this important? Knowing your Tendency can allow you to set the stage for success. And knowing your team’s Tendencies can help you know how to work with them effectively. It allows you to understand what motivates them. 


You may have heard me say this before, but I personally am a lazy person. I like to do as little work as possible and still be able to achieve the results I want. So as I work with you and your business, I’m always trying to give some sort of hack. I like to find the shortcut to the results you want. I’ve always labeled this trait as laziness. 


But as I took this quiz and read this book, I learned that I’m not lazy! I am an Obliger. That means I will do things more because of outside expectations rather than internal expectations. So what motivates me is the expectations and obligations I have to my family. I am Obliger to my clients as well. I try to make sure that my services align with my client’s needs. I come up with creative solutions (aka hacks) for my clients as a way to helping their expectations of success be met. 


Someone else might be an Upholder- they would be motivated by internal expectations. They hold themselves accountable to their core values and beliefs. They don’t necessarily worry about what other people think or meeting others’ expectations, they are accountable to themselves. 


I’m not going to go through all of the Tendencies since you can do that with the book/quiz. But wow! What an eye-opening exercise this has been. Not just for myself and my constant journey on self-improvement, but it has also helped me immensely with understanding my family and my clients. I ask all of my coaching clients to complete this quiz so that I can understand what motivates them. And that leads to understanding how to best work with you. I can see if you will be successful working primarily on your own (internal expectations motivate you) or if you would be more successful working with me (external expectations motivate you). 


Imagine how this can help you! You have multiple personalities within your staff. Wouldn’t it be awesome to know and understand how each of them is motivated and how you can set up situations to bring them and your business the most success. You can do this with your current employees and with your future employees, having them take the quiz as part of their training. And why stop there? Why not get a better understanding of your spouse and your kids. 


I hope you can see just how excited I am about this. This book/quiz is such a great tool that you can use to better communicate and work with your employees. CLICK HERE and take the quiz today. It is just a few minutes and so worth your time! Then reply to this email and let me know which Tendency you are.