How to Design Your Path to Success: The Secrets of the Second ‘D

How to Design Your Path to Success: The Secrets of the Second ‘D

Welcome back to the “5 D’s of Owning Your Role” series! I hope you’ve been enjoying our journey through the essential elements of mastering your role. Last week, we delved into the importance of the first D – Deciding on your destination and setting your goals. Today, we’re strapping on our boots and stepping into the woods of the second D – Designing Your Roadmap!


Picture this: You’re at the base of a mighty mountain, and at its peak, there’s a flag fluttering in the wind. That flag represents our collective vision, our ultimate goal. But before we charge into the forest of challenges ahead, we need a map, a blueprint to guide us through the thickets and thorns. As Brendon Burchard wisely puts it, “Let’s have the map before we go into the forest.” After all, who wants to wrestle with bushes when you can follow a clear path?


Now, how do we craft this map, you ask? We engage in some reverse engineering magic. It’s like solving a puzzle in reverse – you work from the endgame and figure out the pieces you need to get there. If the vision is the “X marks the spot,” our roadmap is the intricate path that gets us there. It’s about breaking down the big goal into smaller, actionable steps.


Here’s where things get exciting: We’re not just using any old map. Our map is infused with our Core Values. You know, those North Star principles that keep us on track even when the business storms are blowing left and right.


Sadly, I find that most people don’t want to put in the time, effort, and energy into crafting strong core Values. So they end up with very generic values. Think of your auto mechanic who claims they value honesty. YEAH! That should be a given. A mechanic should be honest. Honesty is a baseline expectation. Generic core values will not help you navigate effectively to your desired destination.


So how can you DESIGN core values that will be your safety net when bad things happen in business? You make sure your core values are R.E.A.L.:



Action-based, and


REAL values aren’t just fancy words on a wall; they’re our compass. For example, instead of just promising honesty, we deliver radical transparency. We don’t settle for good customer service; we become the best part of our clients’ days. And hey, we’re not just keeping up with technology; we’re the perfect blend of high-tech and high-touch.

Imagine someone looking at your Core Values and saying, “Ah, that’s [Your Company Name]. They’re all about radical transparency, being the bright spot in their clients’ days, and rocking the perfect blend of High Tech and High Touch.”


REAL Core Values aren’t just words; they’re the story of who we are and what we stand for. They’re the backbone of our roadmap, providing a sense of direction to our team members and a laser focus on the grand vision.

So there you have it, the second D – Designing Your Roadmap. As we venture forward, remember that our Core Values aren’t just guideposts; they’re our anchors in the storm. Stay tuned for the third D- Determine!

Proactive, Productive and Profitable,


Dino Watt