Getting a new client is expensive! Here’s how to tip the scales in your favor

Getting a new client is expensive! Here’s how to tip the scales in your favor

I hope you are having an awesome week. I wanted to tell you about an experience that I had recently. I was on my way home from a team training and was lucky enough to be upgraded to a first-class seat. I was really happy about this because I get a lot of work done on planes and having that extra space is so much more comfortable.

As I was walking to my seat on the third row, I noticed that there were these little cards on each seat in first class. It is a personalized card that reads:

“Welcome, Mr. Watt. We look forward to having you onboard today. Dana and the Crew”

So simple, right? It made me feel so appreciated as a customer of this airline. By this simple gesture, I went from being a number to this company to being a valued individual. And it got me thinking- how can I give that next level of service to my clients? Because, let’s be honest, having outstanding customer service is the way you separate yourself from everyone else out there.

So today I want to talk to you about some things that can elevate the level of service and “pre-suade” people to want to choose you and your company AND refer their friends and family to you.

I know many of the offices that I work with send out a thank you card after their appointments. But imagine what it could do to give them a card as they show up. You hand them a thank you card expressing how excited you are to meet with them, get to know them, help them reach their desired outcomes. Doing this could set the tone for how their interactions with you and your team are going to go. You are “pre-suading” them to want to work with you.

I had a client a few years ago who was a financial advisor. When his clients came in for meetings, they would always present a warm cookie and a bottle of water. I know what you’re thinking- getting a warm cookie would be awesome! And it is. But just imagine if during their intake call to schedule the meeting they asked some additional questions like, are you a coffee drinker? How do you take your coffee? Or what’s your favorite non-alcoholic beverage? And then, when they come to the appointment, you are able to have a cup of coffee made specifically for them. You have just taken your kind gesture to the next level. You are telling them that you value them as an individual so much, you are willing to add three sugars and hazelnut flavored creamer to their cup of coffee. Putting yourself in the shoes of the client, you have just experienced the level of detail and service unlike any other financial planning office and now you know you can anticipate that same attention to detail when it comes to your financial portfolio.

Gaining a client is expensive. What are you going to do to tip the scales to your business? It’s the little things that matter. So when you think about what those little things are, I encourage you to not do the same things that everyone else is doing. Try taking it to the next level. Do what your competitors are doing, but do it better.

I hope that serves you and can get the creative juices flowing for you and your team.

Proactive, Productive and Profitable,

Dino Watt