Take your business from the weeds of the middle ground to massive sustainable growth

Learn how to own your role as the leader of your business and reengage your employees by creating invested buy-in through a shared vision and healthier workplace culture.

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The future of your business lies with your ability to effectively lead your employees. Our leadership training will help you create an impact and have more influence, passion and excitement for what you do.


Reshape the future of your company by becoming proactive about your accountability, and lifting every member of your team up to take ownership of their own roles and create a workplace culture that serves the growth of every individual.


The product you deliver will always be secondary to the culture you build. Designing your unique “cult”-ure will magnetize the right-fit clients and turn them into raving fans and create the strong foundation you need to take your business all the way to the top.

“Dino Watt is a pioneer! His vision and unrelenting quest to help practitioners grow their practice and help them work less and enjoy life more is his passion. He is at the forefront new technology and leading the charge of change within the dental industry. He is the real deal.”

Dr. Stuart Frost
Frost Orthodontics

Team Transformation Experience

In just six hours, Dino’s info-packed workshop will help you unify your team around your vision, give you proven strategies to improve communication skills, provide methods for your team to achieve worklife balance, and show you exactly how to increase employee satisfaction and retention. For one fee, you can register your whole team, no matter how big!

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Dedicated to building the entrepreneurial skills in private practice owners, on the ProPreneur Podcast hosted by Dino Watts, you’ll hear from industry experts, orthodontists, and dentists on topics like sales, marketing, leadership, and systems. For all the business and leadership strategies you wish they’d taught you in graduate school, tune in every Tuesday and Thursday.

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